We are always open to any of your suggestions on conducting seminars, conferences, thematic books, exhibitions in the fields of philosophy, literature, psychology and spirituality.

We have systems of relationships at multiple levels: from universities, research institutes, national and international organizations, corporations and companies in many fields, and also investors.

We have a system of sponsorships to support any of your ideas, as long as you show us your seriousness about the idea.

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List of Actual Projects
  • Tarot Therapy (Co-Funding with Museum of Tarot in Vietnam)
  • Lithotherapy (Co-Funding with Bigcos Corporation)
  • A3R Project (Co-Funding with Bigcos Corporation)

Every six months, we invite experts from the international community to attend meetings and scientific exchanges. All charges during these events will cover by our institute.

List of Semestre Meetings
  • Mars 2020: still in progress ...
  • September 2019: The Meeting with SALAS Ricardo Luis (President of Spainish Museum of Tarot) 
  • Mars 2019: The Meeting with NGUYEN Trong Co (Vice-director of Unesco Centre on Rechearch and Preservation for National Antiquity)
  • September 2018: The Meeting with LE Ngoc Nang (Director of Gemological Center Liulab)

Although still very young, The Institute of Developemental Philosophy has collaborated with the following organisations:
  • Vietnamese Museum of Tarot 
  • BigCos Corporation
  • Vietnam Records Association
  • Vietnam Records Institute
  • Institute of Comic Cryptography
  • Institute of Cosmic Code
  • Institute of Gemology and Jewelry Doji (DOJILAB)
  • Gemological Center Liulab, Vietnam
  • National Association of Palaeontology
  • University of Mining and Geology
  • Vietnam Maritime University
  • Nam Can Tho University