Our institute has more than 20 researchers and 20 collaborating researchers, nationally and internationally. We are always open to all our proposals to become our researchers or to become our collaborative researchers. How to become our researcher or our collacborative researchers ? Contact us via

Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence:
  • NGO HO Anh Khoi, PhD. of AI (Head of Department)
  • NGUYEN Thanh Nhon, MSc. of AI (Deputy head of Department)
  • LE Tuan Anh, MSc. of AI

Philosophy of Religions and Faiths
  • HO Thi Anh Duong, MSc. of Litterature, Bc of Psychology (Head of Department)
  • TRAN Ngoc Truc Linh, MSc. of Press (Deputy head of Department)
  • HAU Lam Phung, Writer.
  • PHAN Ngoc Quynh Chi, MSc. of Lingustic


Philosophy of Economics and Laws 
  • DANG Hoang Minh, MSc. of Laws (Head of Department)
  • DANG Bui Hang, MSc. of Economy (Deputy head of Department)
  • NGO Hong Anh, Lawyer 
  • VO Minh Son, MSc. of Economy

List of our collaborative researchers:
  • NGUYEN Dinh Thuy Huong, M. of Law, Lecturer of  Maritime University, Vietnam
  • TRUONG Thi Kim, Msc. of Economy, Lecturer of Can Tho South University, Vietnam
  • VO Nhat Vinh, PhD., Researcher at University of Caen Normandy, France
  • DANG Thi Hai Ha, MSc. of Economy, Researcher of Vietnammese Academy of Forest Sciences, Vietnam
  • LE Viet Phi Cuong, Msc. of AI, Researcher of AI from Grab-NUS AI LAB, Singapour
  • NGO HO Anh Khoa, MSc. of AI, Researcher of University of Paris 11, France

Our institute has two periodical journals and many project-specific books (Conference Proceedings, Meeting Reports...) published as publications of our Institute. Our institute has also an annual fund for the publication of books on philosophy and related subjects. Contact us for more information via

Journal of Developmental Philosophy (Government Registration Certificate)
  •  JDP-02/2020
  •  JDP-01/2020
Journal of Institute of Development Philosophy (Government Registration Certificate)
  • JIDP-04/2020
  • JIDP-03/2020
  • JIDP-02/2020
  • JIDP-01/2020
List of Conference Proceedings
  • CP of AIB'19 (ISBN:)
  • CP of ICPTL'19 (ISBN:)

List of Thematic Books
  • The Stone's Voice (ISBN:)
  • Tự Truyện Của Đá (ISBN:)